Friday, April 9, 2010

Have to start somewhere

This is the first time I have ever tried to do a blog. I have made fun of Charity for months for doing this. Well I wanted to start out by telling a little about myself and why I want to blog. I would like to to use this blog as an opportunity to vent about the major changes going on in the US with government, education and health care. We are heading to a life that many people have never seen. Before we get to that though a little background information.
I grew up in Allentown, PA with my family all my childhood life till I left for college. I attended Ohio Valley College in Parkersburg, WV. I worked hard and excelled in my program of study. I majored in psychology and minor in sociology. In my last year, I met Charity who would become my wife. My final year in school did not go as well as the first three due to Charity not liking the class environment. But we got married New Years Eve 2002. We both Graduated May 2003. We struggled as college students often due to find jobs and learn to be newly married couple.
We moved north of Nashville, TN where Charity got a job working in a day school. I soon found work as a Criminal Justice/Mental Health Liaison. This was crazy work (literally). I worked with the mentally ill during and soon after incarceration. This was a frustrating job and burnt both me and Charity out. The story goes that Charity and I were playing Tetris and I said something about joining the Army and she bet I would not go see a recruiter. The next day I went to the local recruiter to see what my options were. I was looked at as not a option I weighed 270 LBS. I started to work out with the recruiter and on my own and in 60 days I had dropped to 202 LBS.
I joined the Army in November 2005 and received orders to Fort Leonard Wood for Basic Training. Then I moved to Ft Sam Houston for my individual training. I got training as a combat medic. I got permanent order for Baumholder Germany. During this major transition time I got word that Charity is pregnant with our first Child. This was a major blessing he was born in Germany in Dec 2006. While we were in Germany we tried to travel as much as time would allow. We visited many countries including Netherlands, France, Belgium, and all over Germany. In April 2008 our unit deployed to Iraq leaving my wife and little boy in Germany. We met up half way through the deployment in the states and enjoyed the time. A few months later during a call home I find out I will be a father again to my second child. Our unit returned to Germany May 2009 and my son was born June 2009. My contract with the army was ending in Aug 2009 where I brought my family back to TN where we settled in East TN. I have been working as an EMT with the county and taking some science classes to prep for nursing program. This is a very quick rundown of my life.